Carlos Kountz Wierick, President & CEO of Seasnake LLC

Educated in Switzerland, Argentina, Mexico and the U.S

Mechanical Engineer

Shrimp fleet maintenance in Frontera Tabasco, Mexico (1970 -1974)

Meets and marries his wife, Reyna (1974)

Conceive and develop the Seasnake concept (1974- 2005)

Shark Processing Plant in Frontera Tabasco (1974-1979)

Furniture business with Reyna (1979 1989) in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Twice President of Rotary Club in Zihuatanejo, Mexico (1980 1987)

Liquor and wine distribution to hotels and restaurants (1982- 1987)

House designs and building Designed and built 5 houses, one commercial building (1985 2001)

Engineering Consultant (1978- present)

Designs reactors, pressure vessels, piping net works, supporting structures, for the chemical industry in Mexico City. Design and build water tower 65 ft high. 3000 gallons

Home equity Loan Company, (1993 - 2002)

Found Seasnake LLC to further the development of Seasnake (2000)

Avocado Orchard in Uruapan (2003 present)

Design, build and operate a 20 room hotel in Uruapan (2003 present)